The English Language Political Action Committee -- ELPAC -- was established in 1986 to protect the common language of the United States. ELPAC is independent of any other organization.

ELPAC, unlike many political action committees, intervenes directly in election campaigns, rather than simply making campaign contributions. ELPAC contacts voters directly in key campaigns, places media advertisements, and undertakes independent expenditure campaigns, including the hiring of campaign activists in key election areas.

ELPAC's positions include:

  • Support for declaring English the official language of the United States and of various states.
  • Support for teaching children English as quickly as possible, without attempting to maintain other languages and cultural interests.
  • Oppose federal mandates to provide multilingual voting materials.
  • Believes that Puerto Rico must recognize English as the official language of the United States before it can become a state.
  • Oppose federal language restrictions on private employers.

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