Language in America - The Fragmentation of Canada


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The Fragmentation of Canada
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English As The Official Language
History of English As America's Common Language

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Half the world’s nations have official or designated national languages. Source: Blaustein and Epstein, "Resolving Language Conflicts: A Study of the World’s Constitutions," 1986. The world’s most populous country – China – credits its uniform language for several centuries of relative unity despite enormous diversity. Source: "The Great Chinese Puzzle: Empire of Uniformity" Discover Magazine, March 1996, 78.

Some countries try to have more than one official language. Canada officially recognizes both French and English as official languages. In October 1995, voters in French-speaking Quebec voted by less than one per cent to remain a part of Canada. Source: Morning Digest, White House Bulletin, October 31, 1995. The Quebec separatist party, now controlling the province, has indicated that it will continue to move toward separation from Canada. Source: "Canadian Leader Offers Concessions to Quebec," The Washington Post, November 28, 1995, P. A1

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