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Current Issues
The End of Bilingual Education?
..........Voters Reject Bilingual Education
..........What Is Bilingual Education?
..........How Bilingual Education Has Failed
..........Federal Action"
..........Alternatives to Failed Bilingual Education
Statehood for Puerto Rico?
Bilingual Ballots
English and Citizenship
The Fragmentation of Canada
Voter Support
English As The Official Language
History of English As America's Common Language

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This is the fifth federal election cycle in which ELPAC has published a briefing book for candidates on issues involving English as the official language of the United States. English-language-related issues are much different than just two years ago. The biggest change is in the most costly program: "bilingual education."

Over the last twenty years, "bilingual ed" has cost billions of tax dollars yet produced graduation rates as low as 3% in Arizona and 7% in California. There is general agreement that these "native language instruction" programs have failed.

So a great tide of change is sweeping America, driven by immigrant and language-minority parents who want their children to learn English, rejecting failed bilingual programs and replacing them with programs to teach English to children. 61% of California’s June 1998 primary voters rejected "bilingual education" in favor of English-language classes. Recent student performance test results from California’s new English-language classrooms show improvements of 200% or more.

We also cover a number of other important English language-related issues, including:

*Statehood for Puerto Rico

*Constitutional challenges to Official English laws

*Bilingual Ballots, and

*English in the Workplace

For More Information:

For more information, please contact Steve Workings, Executive Director of the English Language Political Action Committee, at (301) 933-4161.

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