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ELPAC publishes The ELPAC Report twice a year. The ELPAC Report is mailed to all current ELPAC supporters; single copies are available upon request.

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July 2004

  1. Did Support for English Hurt Vilsack?
  2. VP Choice Wants Lawsuits Over English
  3. Pro-English Candidate's Ad Draws National Attention
  4. ELPAC At Work
  5. New Year for European Union Brings Big Language Bills
  6. Watch for Fierce State Battles
  7. He Says What You Think
  8. What's At Stake? Why We Support Pro-English Candidates
  9. Generations of Language Problems
  10. Hispanics Get News in English

January 2004

  1. Presidential Candidates No Friends of English
  2. Republicans Risk White House Punishment
  3. Learning English in Massachusetts
  4. Voters Evenly Divided
  5. People Worldwide Strongly Agree: English Needed for Success
  6. Louisiana Hosts Big Battles
  7. 2004 Congressional Election Overview
  8. Hall Joins GOP
  9. Origin of Human Language
  10. FL Students Protest English Test

July 2003

  1. Official English Bills Introduced
  2. Court Rulilng Lets EO 13166 Stand
  3. What Is It With The Republicans?
  4. Can't Speak English, Get a Job
  5. NY Mayor Surrenders on English
  6. Klingon Spoken Here
  7. Republicans Bonding with Latino Voters
  8. McCain-Feingold Update
  9. How Is ELPAC Different?

January 2003

  1. 107th Congress Ends With a Whimper
  2. 2003: Up In The Air for English
  3. Court Rejects EO 13166 Lawsuit
  4. What Does It Take to Beat English?
  5. Target: Tancredo?
  6. Pandering Politics
  7. Suprise in the States
  8. 6th Briefing Book
  9. Hiawatha Learns Somali
  10. Letters to the Editor

June 2002

  1. Close Senate Races This Fall Could Change Control
  2. Making Progress Against EO 13166
  3. Kids Learn Better in English, But Administrators Resist
  4. Courts Attack Official English
  5. Iowa Declares English Official Language - 27 States Now
  6. Cost of Bilingual Government?
  7. In Context: Crawford Calls Bilingual Education "Dead"
  8. Big Fight in Oklahoma? Sponsor Istook Against Ally Watts
  9. New Welfare Reform Legislation Invites Dependency and Fraud
  10. Letters to the Editor

January 2002

  1. 2002 A Pivotal Year? Next Congress Doesn't Look Good for English
  2. Last-Minute Detour for Bi-Ed Reform? Pay More for Teachers to Speak English?
  3. House Votes Against English. Representatives Retain EO 13166
  4. Passing of a Patriot - Cong. Gerald Solomon Dies
  5. Letters to the Editor
  6. Anthrax Report
  7. Congress Studies More Bilingual Ballots

June 2001

  1. Supreme Court Throws Out Alabama English Drivers License Challenge
  2. Court Upholds Utah English Initiative
  3. Doctors Rebel Against EO 13166
  4. Bush Caves In On Multilingual Government
  5. Why Don't You Work Together?
  6. Iowa House Kills Official English Bill
  7. Puerto Rican Statehood Looks Dead
  8. Congress Mulls EO 13166

January 2001

  1. A Busy Year for ELPAC
  2. Bush Presidency No Help to English
  3. Feds Require Multilingual Services
    Clinton Exec. Order Makes US Officially Multilingual
  4. States Pass English, Bilingual Ed Initiatives
  5. New Congress? More Gridlock
    Possible Danger to English
  6. Supreme Court to Review Alabama Drivers Case
  7. Puerto Ricans Reject Statehood Gov.

January 2000

  1. Federal Court Strikes Down Alabama English Drivers License Exam
  2. Radical Official Tries to Thwart Prop. 227
  3. Federal Civil Rights Agency Sues Employers
  4. Presidential Candidates' Position on English
  5. Construction Firms Now Need English Speaking Workers
  6. Los Angeles School District Fights English
  7. Columnist Richard Estrada Passes Away
  8. Quebec to Sue Because Pokemon's Not in French
  9. Letters

June 1999

  1. California Rejects Bilingual Education
    A Special Report: One Year Later
  2. Political Forecast: Another "Train Wreck" in October
  3. Alaska Court Halts New Official English Law
  4. New Mexico School Challenge Proceeds, But Parents Lose
  5. Federal Jobs Agency Illegally Sues Employers Over English Language Rules
  6. Iowa Lawmakers Reject Official English
  7. Hispanic Legislators Scramble to Learn Spanish
  8. U.S. Supreme Court Raises Stakes in Puerto Rico Statehood Battle
  9. Court Likely to Reject Alabama English Drivers License Exam
  10. Pro-Statehood Puerto Rico Governor Forced to Testify at Corruption Trial
  11. News Flash: Puerto Rico Governor Changing Jobs
  12. Letters

January 1999

  1. Statehood Loses Big in Puerto Rico Vote
  2. What Will 1999 Bring in Congress?
  3. Quebec Votes to Stay in Canada (Or Maybe Not?)
  4. Supreme Court Asked to Save Arizona English Law
  5. In Context
  6. Alaskans Approve Official English
  7. Dueling Ads in Puerto Rico
  8. What Might Have Been
  9. 90% of California School Districts Now In English
  10. Letters

June 1998

  1. Arizona Supreme Cout Strikes Down English
  2. Puerto Rico Statehood Bill Passes House
  3. California Voters Kill Bilingual Education
  4. House May Vote to Kill Bilingual Education
  5. In Context: The Bilingual Blunder
  6. Candidates to Watch: Park, Tancredo Top List
  7. English Supporters Solomon, Paxon Retire
  8. Owner of Spanish TV Pays for Anti-Prop 227 Ads and Editorials
  9. Letters

January 1998

  1. Arizona Supreme Court Hears Anti-English Case
  2. Solomon Blocks Puerto Rico Bills
  3. Federal Agencies Out of Control
  4. What's Wrong with the GOP?
  5. In Context: Vanishing Support for Bilingual Education
  6. Letters

June 1997

  1. Supreme Court Reinstates Arizona English Language Amendment
  2. News Flash - It's Not Over: Arizona Supreme Court to Review English Initiative
  3. Puerto Rico Statehood Legislation Back
  4. In Context: William Raspberry on "A Very Special Place"
  5. All Together Now
  6. Great Waves in the Atlantic
  7. And Speaking of the Internet...
  8. Letters

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